Rivals of the Pharaoh Pre-Review

Today marks the release of Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh, which follows in the footsteps of Duelist Pack: Battle City and the Millennium Pack. For me, this is the release I’ve been awaiting the most recently, even more so than the tins and Dragons of Legend: Unleashed. Continue reading


Millennium Pack Setlist Revealed

MIL1-BoosterENKonami’s been teasing a follow-up to last year’s Duelist Pack: Battle City for some time now, which doubles as a counterpart to the OCG-exclusive set of the same name. So after seeing what resulted with the Battle City Pack, expectations were expectedly high. Now, we get to take a look at the setlist a week before it hits store shelves. And no, it doesn’t disappoint.

See the gallery listing on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia Continue reading

Rant of the Day: Card Printings

ParrotDragon-JP-Anime-DM-NCSo a little project of mine has been to assemble the original eight Japanese Structure Decks with TCG cards (the last card released was Battle Warrior). Anyways Pegasus’ is proving to be the most challenging. What is hardest card to obtain you ask? Is it Relinquished? Thousand-Eyes Restrict, perhaps? Nope. Parrot Dragon. Yes, you heard that right – Parrot Dragon.

This card is pretty well-known, being used notably by Pegasus in both the manga and anime. Still, it only got two releases: Tournament Pack 2 and the World Championship 2011 Card Pack; effectively missing a suitable release in Magic Ruler and Starter Deck: Pegasus. Because the aforementioned two packs received an extremely limited release (not being available to casual players and collectors aside from the internet), the price is pretty staggering – you’ll have to shell out over $10 for either of the releases. Much less for a normal Monster of relatively little relevance in today’s game. So why are the collectors being punished? There’s been more than enough opportunities to release this one: Dark Beginnings, Gold Series, Retro Pack, Dark Legends, Legendary Collections. Boom. But instead, we’re getting the same cards rehashed. There might be a change of a Legendary Collection X: Pegasus’ World, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

The example that comes to mind immediately is Mirror Force. Mirror Force used to be extremely hard to find, and rightfully so with its power. Even with reprints, it reached more players, but remained uncommon. Recently, shit hit the fan, and we’ve got countless common reprintings of Mirror Force, that you can now get for under $3. Great job.

This whole rant isn’t just about our friend Parrot Dragon, but all of the cards that get overlooked, and are far more worth of a re-release as opposed to the 50th release of Blue-Eyes or Dark Magician. While the Legendary Collections were a step in the right direction, Konami should put more thought into what deserves a rerelease, and what should be given a rest.

Re-releasing a card like this would kill the meta. But let's re-release another Solemn Judgment

Re-releasing a card like this would kill the meta, but let’s re-release another Solemn Judgment

Card images from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki