Konami Listens to the Fans

So there’s a few things in terms of news for OG Yu-Gi-Oh! fans – I’ll start with a smaller announcement. The current OTS Tournament Pack 6 has no exclusive short-printed cards. I wouldn’t call it a pattern just yet, but it seems like Konami has finally ditched that harmful habit. While many fans, including myself have complained, I received a generic and dismissive reply. Though it seems that those concerns might not have fallen on deaf ears.
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Awful Erratas: Darkness Approaches

It’s been mentioned before that Konami has been pretty unapologetic about errataing cards. Always an infuriating topic for the fans (don’t get me started), but here’s one that isn’t about getting a card unbanned – it’s about an obscure card from Magic Ruler. Darkness Approaches was a card that was unique in that it could flip a Monster face-down, but keep it in Attack Position if that was its original position. There’s plenty of offensive and defensive plays to be made here, but its generally gone unused due to the relatively high cost of discarding two cards and the lack of changing position and non-Quick Play (compare to Book of Moon). Continue reading

New Battle Pack Predictions/TCG Releases

Some exciting news in the horizon for old school fans; first is that Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions is getting a home release on DVD/BluRay. I for one have not seen the film yet; not able to catch it in its limited theatrical run, I figured high quality home video was the next best way to enjoy it. But it gets better, the promo card that comes with the release is Obelisk the Tormentor. This card was originally only available with purchase of a ticket for the movie, but since so many fans were unable to attend, scalpers took advantage and jacked up the price. So now you get the film and the coveted promo, not a bad deal. Continue reading

Millennium Pack Setlist Revealed

MIL1-BoosterENKonami’s been teasing a follow-up to last year’s Duelist Pack: Battle City for some time now, which doubles as a counterpart to the OCG-exclusive set of the same name. So after seeing what resulted with the Battle City Pack, expectations were expectedly high. Now, we get to take a look at the setlist a week before it hits store shelves. And no, it doesn’t disappoint.

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Yugi’s Legendary Decks


I was getting worried, but Konami came through for us; the three awesome ‘Memories of the Duel King’ decks released last year will no longer be Japanese exclusives. Slightly changed is that they will be released as one set instead of individual decks. Hey, no problem there; I’d assume all classic Yu-Gi-Oh! fans would buy up all three anyways. While the set lists haven’t been officially confirmed, all evidence shows that it’ll be a direct translation of the Japanese counterpart. So far what’s confirmed 100% is Electromagnetic Turtle, Dark Renewal, Black Illusion and a cool Yugi token for new cards. For OCG-only cards, we’re getting Glory of the King’s Hand, Set Sail for the Kingdom, and Duelist Kingdom, and drumroll please, Arkana’s Dark Magician.

Yes, some high up at Konami has finally removed their head from their ass and allowed the card to be released in the US instead of working around it. Meanwhile, if the decks are identical, we’ll also see a release of Griffore. Awesome. The date on this one is November 13th, and the price is a reasonable $29.99. Anyways, I hope this isn’t the only good set on the horizon; a TCG release of the Duelist Road packs will make a great follow-up to Duelist Pack: Battle City.


Erratas are nothing new. Players should be familiar with them by now; card text is changed to simplify things, or make them easier to understand (or in the instance of Problem-Solving Card Text, make it sound more ebonic). But anyways, the point of erratas at this point was to clarify card effects, but now Konami’s opened a brand new can of worms by intentionally changing the pre-established effects. Just take a look below; I’m don’t even need to place the correct cards next to it for you to see what’s messed up.

Sadly, there’s more. Atrocious effects aside, this sets a dangerous precedent; Konami can change any card at whim. They can make anything adhere to whatever gimmicky rules are in at the time, and make a whole set of previous printings become obsolete. Which when you think about it, having a card with the same name, picture, and overall card, but having a different effect makes things a hell of a lot more confusing… kind of the opposite purpose of erratas in the first place. Bottom line; if Konami wants these effects to be in the game – make a new goddamn card, don’t mess with what’s already been established.

Some closing thoughts to reflect on what Konami’s done to the game: people argue that original cards are “poorly designed,” but if they reflect their manga counterparts accurately, then Konami is at fault for not making the real life game conform better to the original game. You can’t retroactively put Kazuki Takahashi at fault for not conforming to Konami’s mess nearly 20 years later. If Konami wants to change cards completely, they should just make Konami’s New and Unimproved Card Game™ and let the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game rest in peace.

Misc Updates

Been busy a while, but there’s still been a lot going on in Yu-Gi-Oh! news. So Raigeki is back, eh? Long known as one of the most powerful cards, it’s been warming a seat on the ban list since its inception. For good reason, too – this was even banned on the TV show! But Konami decided to mix things up a bit. Frankly, with it being gone for so long, I’m interested to see how its return will play out. Though I’m pretty sure that will lead to it being used in just about every deck because of its universally devastating effect. Oh well, this’ll be another case of Monster Reborn being temporarily brought back – enjoy it while it lasts. Before that, better break out your Anti-Raigeki!


There’s been a few TCG releases, but not too many of note. A new Legendary Collection is out, but I can’t say I’m too enthused this time around. The Legendary Collections represented a throwback to the older times of Yu-Gi-Oh! The collections focused on the first series were appropriate (not to mention well-made). Even GX has earned its place in the classics as time went on. But Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds ended 3 years ago, which really isn’t that old to be “nostalgic” or anything. Nothing wrong with a 5Ds release, but I liked when the Legendary Collection line just focused on the proven classics.

However, we do get a worthy release this winter break; check out Astral Pack Six. Despite the limited release of being an Astral Pack, we’re treated to first-time releases of Man-Eating Black Shark (Great White’s distant relative), Sea Kamen, and Gruesome Goo. Not bad at all. Better grab those guys on Amazon or eBay, due out near the end of December.

Meanwhile, on the Japanese side, there’s a whole bunch in store for the OCG’s 15th birthday. I’ll start with the “good” and gradually work my way up to the “awesome.” First is the Rarity Collection. Contrary to the name, it’s a release of the most famous cards from all eras of Yu-Gi-Oh! Frankly, I don’t get it. Aside from the newest cards included, most of these have already been printed a million times. Read about it on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki if you want. Next are two booster packs which honor the King of Games himself. These are Glory of the Duelist – Memory Fragments. These are split into two sides for “Yugi” and “Yami.” Just look at the artworks to fully appreciate them. No doubt a throwback to the old “Volume” series, which happened to be the first. Anyways, so far we’ve got the usual roster of famous Yugi-era cards, as you can see on the pages. Nothing too interesting. But the description reveals that there’s even more to look forward to:

These packs contain brand new cards from or in the image of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Ah, that’s what we like to see. In fact, the Yami pack actually shows off one of these “new old” cards, Dark Burning Magic. How can you not fall in love with an artwork like that? Anyways, I wonder what unreleased cards from the show will see the light of day. While the “Memories of the Duel King” sets haven’t even been rumored for a TCG release, it’s still interesting to see what the OCG’s getting.

Final news: another Yu-Gi-Oh! movie. I mean, why not? Keep making ’em; we’ll keep watching ’em. No real word on what it’s about yet, but we’ve been given a countdown. Also, we can see the silhouettes of Yugi and Kaiba. That’s really all we need for a movie, right?