Top 10 Most Wanted

Here are the cards that are most in demand for a release. First are cards that exist in the OCG, but not in the U.S. The other section is cards that don’t exist, period.

  1. Gilford the Lightning (original)
  2. Grappler
  3. Horn Imp
  4. Torike
  5. Cyber Commander
  6. Mountain Warrior
  7. Shadow Specter
  8. Kairyu-Shin
  9. Big Insect
  10. The Creator God of Light, Horakhti

Removed From the List

  • Dark Renewal (released 11/12/15 Yugi’s Legendary Decks)
  • Dark Magician (Arkana) (released 11/12/15 Yugi’s Legendary Decks)
  • Zombie Warrior (released (3/18/16 OTS Tournament Pack 1)

Unreleased Cards

  1. Dragon Nails
  2. Attack Guidance Armor
  3. Reverse of Reverses
  4. Beckon to Darkness
  5. Magical Neutralizing Force
  6. Negative Energy Generator
  7. Tears of a Mermaid
  8. Air Fortress Ziggurat
  9. Great White Terror
  10. Dark Spell Regeneration

Removed From the List

  • Berserker Soul (released 4/25/14 Dragons of Legend)
  • Juragedo (released 6/19/15 Duelist Pack Battle City)
  • Doppleganger (released 7/17/15 Dragons of Legend 2)
  • Tyrant Burst Dragon (released 7/17/15 Dragons of Legend 2)
  • Chasm of Spikes/Dark Hole of Spikes (released 4/14/16 Millennium Pack)
  • Dark Sanctuary (released 9/15/16 Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh)

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