A Tribute to Our Fallen Brothers

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.49.44 PMThis is a page dedicated to cards that don’t exist anymore… at least not in the way they originally did. Due to poor foresight and how newer archetypes automatically take precedent over older cards, card names were pointlessly changed for some reason or another. This is their story.





LusterDragon-LOD-NA-SR-1E LusterDragon2-SKE-NA-C-1E
Luster Dragon, R.I.P.

Wattkid-TP1-NA-C-UE Wattkid-TU04-EN-C-UE
Oscillo Hero #2, R.I.P.

SkyScout-PSV-NA-C-1E SkyScout-AP02-EN-C-UE
Harpie’s Brother, R.I.P.

Red-MoonBabyPSV-NA-R-1E VampireBaby-DL16-EN-R-UE-Green
Red-Moon Baby, R.I.P.

Those Who Never Had a Chance (name changed before it was released)

  • Kaminarikozou → Thunder Kid
  • Beast of Gilfer → Archfiend of Gilfer
  • Mechanical Spider → Karakuri Spider
  • Saber Slasher → Sword Slasher
  • Swordsman From a Foreign Land → Swordsman From a Distant Land

While it’s fun to joke and all, this is still an annoyance to those who have played the game, and become familiar with the cards. It’s been settled before by having additional text for effects, but honestly, the best solution of all is to not try to retroactively include old cards into gimmicky new archetypes.

Card images from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia


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