Awful Erratas: Darkness Approaches

It’s been mentioned before that Konami has been pretty unapologetic about errataing cards. Always an infuriating topic for the fans (don’t get me started), but here’s one that isn’t about getting a card unbanned – it’s about an obscure card from Magic Ruler. Darkness Approaches was a card that was unique in that it could flip a Monster face-down, but keep it in Attack Position if that was its original position. There’s plenty of offensive and defensive plays to be made here, but its generally gone unused due to the relatively high cost of discarding two cards and the lack of changing position and non-Quick Play (compare to Book of Moon). Continue reading


Top 10 Coveted Commons

Not meant to qualitative by any means, this is just a fun list from observation of the commons that everyone seemed to want to pull back in the day; around the first generation from around ’02-’04. For some reason, these just seemed harder to come across, and cards like these could hold their own against rare cards in trading. One interesting thing to note is that around this stage in the game, card importance was almost exclusively based around its use in the show, which lead to some strange cards being popular in hindsight when you take into account the change in real life rules and effects. Continue reading

New Battle Pack Predictions/TCG Releases

Some exciting news in the horizon for old school fans; first is that Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions is getting a home release on DVD/BluRay. I for one have not seen the film yet; not able to catch it in its limited theatrical run, I figured high quality home video was the next best way to enjoy it. But it gets better, the promo card that comes with the release is Obelisk the Tormentor. This card was originally only available with purchase of a ticket for the movie, but since so many fans were unable to attend, scalpers took advantage and jacked up the price. So now you get the film and the coveted promo, not a bad deal. Continue reading