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When it comes to getting cards online, there’s been many countless options since the beginning. Different stores offer different rates, so it’s almost pointless to compare. But Trade Cards Online offers an alternative… To trade. This was immediately enticing to me, because there’s only so much money I’d spend online for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. At the same time, if you’ve been a Yu-Gi-Oh! player for as long as I have, you have a lot of cards from over the years, many that don’t really have much use. Thankfully, there’s someone looking for just about anything, no matter how common it is.

The system is simple, but works. First, you upload the cards you have, specific down to the set. Then, you put up a list of the cards you want. From there, you’ll be automatically matched with potential trades, and can then specify deals through the messaging system. You can even look up specific cards to find who’s trading/selling it. I was surprised that within a few days, I was already getting trade offers, it didn’t take long to get the ball rolling. Also, you can buy cards as well, but I just don’t see that  as efficient as trading, especially when compared to the rates of larger online stores.

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards were meant to be traded, I mean, it’s called the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Though your options are limited; gone are the days where you can just trade cards with friends at school (well, I guess you still can if you’re ballsy enough) and looking over a friend’s collection is a hassle. While you’re likely to find some trades down at your local card shop, people usually only bring a binder or two, and trades are usually done with cards of rarity. What I love about this system is that I can get rid of and obtain common cards easily. It’s a great way to clean out your collection, while also getting cards you want.

While there really is no other site like Trade Cards Online (at least none as popular), there are a few flaws. For collectors (such as myself), it’d be nice to have more options for the cards you’re searching for. There’s no distinction between 1st Edition and Unlimited Edition, and there’s no real grade on condition. To save the hassle of having to ask beforehand, it’d be nice to have this included in the options. While we don’t need something as specific as comic grading, it’d be nice to get a general gauge for condition (mint, good, fair, poor). Also, the site has a premium feature, meaning you pay money for additional services. There’s no problems with this, however the ability to view your past messages is counted as a “premium feature.” This is something I disagree with, as such a thing can be pretty important when it comes to transactions, especially if something goes wrong. Speaking of which, bad stuff does happen. It’s rare, but the risks are real. People scam. Items get lost/damaged in the mail. The feedback system is pretty standard (similar to eBay), but it’s accurate for describing what kind of trader you’re dealing with. And if people do scam and don’t attempt to make things right, they won’t be trading there long (I got ripped off once; the other user is barred from trading there).

If you play it smart, you should have no issues and might even find some really good deals.

Click here to give it a try (if you want to trade, my username there is still slashman)

~SlashMan 1/15/15


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