Awful Erratas: Darkness Approaches

It’s been mentioned before that Konami has been pretty unapologetic about errataing cards. Always an infuriating topic for the fans (don’t get me started), but here’s one that isn’t about getting a card unbanned – it’s about an obscure card from Magic Ruler. Darkness Approaches was a card that was unique in that it could flip a Monster face-down, but keep it in Attack Position if that was its original position. There’s plenty of offensive and defensive plays to be made here, but its generally gone unused due to the relatively high cost of discarding two cards and the lack of changing position and non-Quick Play (compare to Book of Moon).

As if Konami couldn’t leave a dead horse unkicked, the text was changed. There’s now a condition that states the target has to be changed to face-down Defense Position. That’s literally the same effect as Book of Moon, but with an added cost. Great job, guys. I’ve heard that the change may have come about due to the new Link Monsters and their lack of Defense Points and Defense Position (a shame, since Links actually sought to undo some of the damage of the previous formats). People may argue that Darkness Approaches creates confusion with a ruling nightmare, but now Link Monsters creates an entire mechanic of ruling nightmares, and by trying to address that, retroactively changes older cards. That’s a really sloppy way of fixing a half-assed mechanic. I’m betting the bastardized version of Darkness Approaches will be shoehorned into some new Duelist Pack in the near future.

Just a side note here, but face-down Attack Position actually isn’t unheard of – it was actually done once in the manga when Yugi set an Attack Position Monster in his first duel against Pegasus. Pegasus attacked into Yugi’s set Dark Magician with a weaker Monster resulting in his Monster being destroyed and losing the difference in Life Points.


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