New Battle Pack Predictions/TCG Releases

Some exciting news in the horizon for old school fans; first is that Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions is getting a home release on DVD/BluRay. I for one have not seen the film yet; not able to catch it in its limited theatrical run, I figured high quality home video was the next best way to enjoy it. But it gets better, the promo card that comes with the release is Obelisk the Tormentor. This card was originally only available with purchase of a ticket for the movie, but since so many fans were unable to attend, scalpers took advantage and jacked up the price. So now you get the film and the coveted promo, not a bad deal.

Something else sure to interest the fans is the release of Art of the Cards; a collection of all the classic Duel Monsters artwork seen in the show. To me, the wonderful and sometimes grotesque art of the old game is severely underrated and has yet to be duplicated.

New tins have also been announced for 2017, the 2017 Mega-Tins. Once again a pleasure to see them sporting the images of Kaiba and Yugi, almost making it worth the purchase price alone. But just like the last tins, I think beyond the promo cards, it’s nothing to write home about. Look out for another printing of Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes, as well as some new tokens. Beyond that, it’s not looking too promising.

Finally, there are various Duelist Packs in the horizon, but none in the same vein as the classics line (Battle City, Millennium Pack, Rivals of the Pharaoh, etc.). But in Japan, they’ve already announced Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist, which seems to be Joey’s answer to Rivals of the Pharaoh with an emphasis on cards inspired by Joey, Mai, and Mako Tsunami. No older cards as of yet, or any unreleased anime cards, but still promising for a few reasons. One is that there are cards specifically made referencing Kairyu-Shin and Fortress Whale: Rage of Kairyu-Shin and Stronghold Whale, respectively. Perhaps we’ll see a release of both original cards, as Kairyu-Shin was never released, and Fortress Whale only had a pitiful release as a Tournament Pack card, now worth over $100. Fiend Kraken was another key card used by Mako that has never been released in the TCG as well. If they address those issues and fill in the gaps with some more interesting cards, this pack is sure to be another winner.


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