Duelist Saga Thoughts and Predictions

Missed a few key sets here and there in my absence (hope to get to them eventually), but an enticing new set has inspired me to write out my thoughts. Check out the announcement for Duelist Saga.

I had known beforehand that a future release¬†was imminent from the OCG’s 20th Anniversary Pack. I thought it would lay the foundation for another entry in the classic-inspired Duelist Pack series kicked off by Duelist Pack: Battle City. Though that’s only half right; it will not be sold as individual boosters, and will also contain cards from the second wave of the OCG Anniversary Pack. Instead, cards from all five series’ of Yu-Gi-Oh! will be jammed into one set and only available as a set of three booster packs (containing the usual five cards), at a price of $15. Okay, a little disappointing right off the bat, but you can look forward to new Ultra Rare cards in every pack.

First off, I can see the reasoning behind combining sets; the same thing was done with Yugi’s Legendary Decks when coming to America. But while that was helpful for fans of the classic series, this creates more of a headache by making more cards to sift through. At least the art already looks awesome.

Now, we can already make a few predictions based on what’s been told and what the logical choice is. Diabound Kernel, Harpie’s Feather Storm, and Chaos Scepter Blast have been confirmed from the announcement, in conjunction with what we already know from the Japanese setlist – which it should follow fairly closely because two 51-card sets are the basis for one 100-card set. Anyways, it’s an extremely strong start with two highly sought after anime-only cards finally seeing a release with fitting effects (if even a bit stronger than the originals). Chaos Scepter Blast is the latest in the “signature attack” card series, and boasts an all-around cool effect with some equally cool artwork (taken from the manga, to boot). Classic artworks of Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician are also present, which is once again starting to grow tired. The tins were an excellent way to re-introduce these rarer and beloved artworks, but now it’s almost too common.

Classic reprints for the OCG set are cards deemed “still competitive,” yet are somehow mostly banned. Does this mean something? I was fearing the worst and thought it might come down to more erratas, however since the Japanese set has already been released and contains no effect-altering changes, we’re safe. Among the reprints, the only one that comes across as tired is Jinzo, who was just in Duelist Pack: Battle City. While Exodia’s head is here, I actually approve of that. It was always the toughest the piece to find, and may help a lot of duelists complete their sets. The single greatest reprint would be Cyber-Stein, who was infamously banned and left unreleased up to this point in time, putting his value well into double digits. This should never be the case for a banned card, so I’d welcome a US reprinting big time.

Anyways, we might be seeing the new “Passionate Duelists” card, which is a nice tribute to Yugi and Kaiba/Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes. I have hope we’ll see more based on the claim that 40 cards are brand new, optimistically 10 being from the classic era. A guaranteed ratio of 3:2 new cards to reprints makes it all the more enticing. I’d say it’s worth checking out a box, but maybe not more than that. I’ll be tuned into further details in the meantime.


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