Dragons of Legend: Unleashed Revealed

DRL3-BoosterENI admit, I was eagerly awaiting the release of Dragons of Legend: Unleashed in the following days. Though the setlist dropped on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki, and I’m already pretty indifferent about it. Read on to find out more.

Okay, so we knew early on that this set would mainly be a reprint set. Fair enough, that’s enough reason to get excited after Konami’s insane short-printing of the first set resulting in ridiculous prices on the main cards of the set. A slap to the face of the fans for sure, but this set could potentially right those wrongs. Plus, getting all three of the Legendary Dragons and their respective support cards wrapped up in one set seems nice.

Now onto the actual set; giving credit where it’s due, it does have the aforementioned Dragons of Legend, but Konami has thrown in a bunch of cards we didn’t ask for as well… 43 of them. Looking through the set, we’re already 40 cards in before we actually get to a single Dragon of Legend. There’s no Acquaactress or Prediction Princess cards, but it looks like we just had those filler cards switched out for others. Which is a pain considering that this set was supposed to make getting the original cards easier for fans. I have no problem with them releasing the addition cards, but the same complaint still applies to the previous sets; just release them as their own set.

One small touch that was nice was adding a reprint of The Seal of Orichalcos – very fitting. But to add insult to injury, they chose not to reprint other original cards from the sets. Where are Guarded Treasure, Celestial Sword Eatos? Even some relevant cards from the second set would be nice (even though those aren’t nearly as hard to get ahold of). But the biggest sin of all – the two most expensive cards from Dragons of Legend 2 are not included. Have fun trying to track down Toon Kingdom for $20 and Mimicat for $15.

In all, the set delivers the bare minimum of its promise, but could have been much, much more.

~SlashMan 8/16/16


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