Kaiba (Should Have) Beaten Yugi

In all of the amazing, nostalgic storyline of the Duelist Kingdom arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, there was one thing that bugged me. In Yugi and Kaiba’s rematch on the castle, Kaiba loses. Well, Yugi technically wins by outmaneuvering Kaiba and calling off an attack that would have depleted Kaiba’s Life Points. But this is where the writing gets a little shaky; coming off of an amazing duel, Kaiba’s character is clearly weakened to be able to lose to Yugi whilst playing his best. Kaiba’s convictions were just as strong as Yugi’s at this point, so what was the lesson to be gained here? All that was accomplished was making Yugi look too invincible. It takes away any tension when it’s too obvious that Yugi’s always going to win.

But personal feelings aside, it’s very obvious that Kaiba was going to win, and it had to be written in that Yugi outsmarted him. To start, Kaiba needlessly lost Life Points during the first attack from Celtic Guardian. As Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was losing Attack Points, it was the obvious move to switch the monster to defense position… after his second [unsuccessful] attack against the wall of Kuribohs? No. After his third attack? No. After Kaiba finally gets the picture and stops attacking Kuriboh, he passes his turn once again without switching his Blue-Eyes to Defense position. After this is when Yugi summons Celtic Guardian and successfully destroys a head of the dragon. Kaiba had two chances to ensure his Life Points would be protected.

But let’s say Kaiba intended to lure Yugi into attacking his weakened dragon, for the sake of conversation. Kaiba immediately recovered by drawing a Monster Reborn and summoning Blue-Eyes. As previously demonstrated, a Monster revived by Monster Reborn can attack the turn it’s summoned, and usually wins the duel; Yugi even specifically brought back Blue-Eyes in his duel against the Mimic of Doom (Puppeteer of the Dead in the manga) to win that duel. But no, Blue-Eyes can’t attack in this instance. Um, why the sudden change? In the Japanese version and manga, Kaiba explains that the revived Blue-Eyes can’t attack this turn because it’s fused to the rotting dragon. Boy, that sure is convenient. Wait… if Kaiba knew about that, why did he choose Blue-Eyes? Had Kaiba chosen La Jinn or Swordstalker to revive, he would have won the match without any fuss. I rest my case.

~SlashMan 8/24/15


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