Yugi’s Legendary Decks


I was getting worried, but Konami came through for us; the three awesome ‘Memories of the Duel King’ decks released last year will no longer be Japanese exclusives. Slightly changed is that they will be released as one set instead of individual decks. Hey, no problem there; I’d assume all classic Yu-Gi-Oh! fans would buy up all three anyways. While the set lists haven’t been officially confirmed, all evidence shows that it’ll be a direct translation of the Japanese counterpart. So far what’s confirmed 100% is Electromagnetic Turtle, Dark Renewal, Black Illusion and a cool Yugi token for new cards. For OCG-only cards, we’re getting Glory of the King’s Hand, Set Sail for the Kingdom, and Duelist Kingdom, and drumroll please, Arkana’s Dark Magician.

Yes, some high up at Konami has finally removed their head from their ass and allowed the card to be released in the US instead of working around it. Meanwhile, if the decks are identical, we’ll also see a release of Griffore. Awesome. The date on this one is November 13th, and the price is a reasonable $29.99. Anyways, I hope this isn’t the only good set on the horizon; a TCG release of the Duelist Road packs will make a great follow-up to Duelist Pack: Battle City.


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