Dragons of Legend 2: Thoughts and Review

Let’s be honest, this summer actually made us proud to be Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. Duelist Pack: Battle City in June and then Dragons of Legend in July gave us two substantial releases that featured new cards we actually wanted to see; key cards used in the original anime. Though while Duelist Pack: Battle City gave us a great set all the way through, Dragons of Legend 2 was a bit shallow.

As the set was announced and cards were leaked, it looked like this was going to be the perfect set. Obviously, they were completing the Legendary Dragons set with Hermos and Critias, but we also saw new and unique Toon and Red-Eyes support cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Though when the final set list came out… it fell into the same downfalls as the original Dragons of Legend.

One of these problems is that it was saturated with junk cards… these are the ones that are only worth a couple cents. With a premium pack like this ($4), you’d expect them to carry more value. Anyways, this review reflects my experiences with buying a box; getting all the Aquaatress fodder cards was a little disheartening when received in such high proportions. Once again, the cards from the original series (i.e. more desirable) were almost ALL of the Secret Rares. Instead of taking advantage of the fans, why not separate the releases? Since both Dragons of Legend sets were half original and half modern, the obvious solution is to just release an original set instead of trying to sell us on newer cards through this method.

The next unaddressed problem; short-printing. It’s pretty ridiculous again, with cards already soaring above $30, which is in the insanity range. An [unsurprising] kick to the balls in buying a box is that it didn’t include any of the three most valuable cards; Mimicat, Toon Kingdom and Mirror Force Dragon. I’m hoping values will drop, otherwise we’ll be stuck with the ridiculous Timeus cards from the first set.

But when you get down to the good cards, they are really GOOD. The Red-Eyes and Toon cards are surprisingly relevant, and will definitely revive interest in these archetypes. While Red-Eyes cards are long-tired, the Toon archetype was really forgotten a while ago and benefits most from this update. Cards included are from Alister’s duel from Kaiba with Pegasus’ stolen deck, and Pegasus’ appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Mimicat even comes from the original Duelist Kingdom arc. Toon Barrel Dragon (to be released in Dimensions of Chaos) shows Konami is serious about bringing Toons back. I could go into detail on the others, but they really knocked all of them out of the park. Playable and authentic. All in all, fans will definitely enjoy half of this set. A little disappointing coming off the heels of Duelist Pack: Battle City when it comes to price and set list.

~SlashMan 8/8/15


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