Dueslist Pack: Battle City

DP16-BoosterENIt seemed like this news came out of nowhere, but the Yu-Gi-Oh! gods were kind to us and gave us an awesome mix of something new and old with the release of Duelist Pack: Battle City.

As much as nostalgia would have us clamoring for a collection of Duelist Kingdom cards (I’m not giving up), Battle City seemed like the ideal mix of beloved classics and strategies applicable with the real life card game. Throughout the short set of 47, we get key cards from Yugi, Kaiba, Arkana, Marik, Joey, Bakura, Mako Tsunami, Espa Roba, Odion, Ishizu, Mai, Umbra, Pegasus, and Bandit Keith (they did slip a little bit of Duelist Kingdom in there).

I’d like to praise the variety with this one; there was no character that really overpowered this set; you’re sure to get a good assortment. The reprints were also cool; Archfiend of Gilfer, Jinzo, Toon Table of Contents, Blast Sphere, Barrel Dragon, and more were all welcome sights. It’s apparent that Konami is trying to bring Toons back, which I’m all for. There’s certainly more to come in Dragon’s of Legend 2.

Finally, the best part of this set is the five never before released cards. Aside from the Winged Dragon of Ra card, none of these cards were too popular, which I applaud Konami for not forgetting about. Legion the Fiend Jester and The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode seemed like they were next in line after being featured in various video games. The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode wasn’t actually a card in the anime/manga, of course, but the real life card is faithful to how Mai unsuccessfully attempted to use the original Ra against Marik. It works almost like an improved Lava Golem by tributing your opponent’s monsters, so needless to say, it’s welcome in any Marik deck. Now, Konami took some liberties with Legion, attempting to make him into a playable card for his release. Previous a Normal Monster, the new ability adds some obvious Dark Magician support and summoning power. Appropriate for Arkana’s style of play. Next is Arkana’s Anti-Magic Arrows. I could have never seen this one coming, but the effect is surprisingly accurate to how it was used in the show, taking card of opponent’s Spell and Trap cards. Juragedo is the last of Marik’s Normal Fiend Monsters that’s been turned into an Effect Monster in real life. Again, an awesome effect added to a formerly Normal Monster. Finally, Multiple Destruction pretty much emulates the real card effect, but having you take 300 damage per returned card instead of 100. I’m pretty sure this card won’t stay unbanned for long, considering Konami’s jihad against drawing.

Now, let’s talk about the ugly side of this. Had the US release been the same as the Japanese, we would have gotten 45 cards, so it’s better that we got 47, right? Hell no. First of all, we got Harpie Lady, and Kuriboh in addition. Alright, the Kuriboh alternate artwork was pretty cool. But we’re missing something pretty important here…


They dodged the release of Arkana’s Dark Magician again. Seriously, this is the only card from the Japanese set that didn’t make it to the US. That means someone at Konami of America was deliberately being an asshole about this. Rumor has it that a certain Konami head was responsible for this last-minute dickery, but I won’t point fingers until anything definite is known.

Anyways, this set is a great flashback to the golden era of Yu-Gi-Oh! that brings something new that everyone can enjoy. I guess the only problem is that the set size is a bit small (I’ve got enough Dark Necrofears and Legendary Fishermans to go into next decade). Though at $1.99/pack, you can’t go wrong.

~SlashMan 6/23/15


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