Dueslist Pack: Battle City

DP16-BoosterENIt seemed like this news came out of nowhere, but the Yu-Gi-Oh! gods were kind to us and gave us an awesome mix of something new and old with the release of Duelist Pack: Battle City.

As much as nostalgia would have us clamoring for a collection of Duelist Kingdom cards (I’m not giving up), Battle City seemed like the ideal mix of beloved classics and strategies applicable with the real life card game. Throughout the short set of 47, we get key cards from Yugi, Kaiba, Arkana, Marik, Joey, Bakura, Mako Tsunami, Espa Roba, Odion, Ishizu, Mai, Umbra, Pegasus, and Bandit Keith (they did slip a little bit of Duelist Kingdom in there). Continue reading