Erratas are nothing new. Players should be familiar with them by now; card text is changed to simplify things, or make them easier to understand (or in the instance of Problem-Solving Card Text, make it sound more ebonic). But anyways, the point of erratas at this point was to clarify card effects, but now Konami’s opened a brand new can of worms by intentionally changing the pre-established effects. Just take a look below; I’m don’t even need to place the correct cards next to it for you to see what’s messed up.

Sadly, there’s more. Atrocious effects aside, this sets a dangerous precedent; Konami can change any card at whim. They can make anything adhere to whatever gimmicky rules are in at the time, and make a whole set of previous printings become obsolete. Which when you think about it, having a card with the same name, picture, and overall card, but having a different effect makes things a hell of a lot more confusing… kind of the opposite purpose of erratas in the first place. Bottom line; if Konami wants these effects to be in the game – make a new goddamn card, don’t mess with what’s already been established.

Some closing thoughts to reflect on what Konami’s done to the game: people argue that original cards are “poorly designed,” but if they reflect their manga counterparts accurately, then Konami is at fault for not making the real life game conform better to the original game. You can’t retroactively put Kazuki Takahashi at fault for not conforming to Konami’s mess nearly 20 years later. If Konami wants to change cards completely, they should just make Konami’s New and Unimproved Card Game™ and let the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game rest in peace.