New Card Spotlight – Trifortressops

So I’m starting a new section here to spotlight cards of the newer era (mostly beyond GX) that add something different to the game while still keeping it fun and exciting. In a perfect world, these cards would be the successors to the original series instead of those that rely on gimmicks and changing the game to much greater degree. Cards to combat such broken changes are also highlighted. I won’t be doing this at a scheduled time, so I’ll post followups… whenever. First up is Trifortressops. Decent in its own right with 1600 ATK/2800 DEF and six stars, but it’s effect gets interesting.

During either player’s turn, if your opponent Summoned 3 or more monsters this turn: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is Special Summoned this way, it is unaffected by other card effects, but loses 500 DEF during each player’s Standby Phase.

In the old days, this effect would be pretty rare, one obvious exception being with Scapegoat. But with the second part of its effect, it’s clear that it’s intended for when you’re in trouble and on the defensive. These days, Special Summoning that many monsters is unfortunately common… Special Summoning isn’t so special anymore, is it? Anyways, this card actually works well against the looney new Pendulum cards, and can immediately back you up when your opponent has you against the wall. The card is evened out in that it decreases its powerful DEF during each Standby Phase, so I guess that’s fair. It’s also unaffected by card effects, so unless your opponent has some ungodly card on their side of the field, this guy has some staying power.


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