Updates and Duelist Road Thoughts

A little random, but still needed to be done; the review for the TCG’s Structure Deck Marik is now up. Also, I’ve done an article on the site Trade Cards Online for those curious about it.

Also, the Duelist Road sets have been released in Japan. Just looking at it, it’s an impressive sight. A bunch of odds and ends from the classic era never looked so good. The set seems to be gathered from the previous Memories of the Duel King sets, video game promos, cards from the Limited Edition/Premium Packs, notable Yu-Gi-Oh! R cards, and just other relics from the past. Overall, it’s pretty nice. In both sets (mostly Yugi’s), we see the re-release of iconic cards from the past in their┬árare alternate artwork forms (mostly from the Limited Edition Packs), most still not released in the US. The few cards that don’t belong aren’t worth mentioning, as 99% of it is all strong, ending with the Wicked Gods on Yugi’s side and the classic Egyptian Gods on Yami’s. The new Millennium Rare is pretty cool, even if it reminds me of old school counterfeit cards. Anyways, let’s look at the new releases.

RingofPeace-15AX-JP-MRRing of Peace – An excellent tribute to the iconic moment from when Yugi draws the final piece of Exodia in the knick of time. The card recreates the same conditions that Yugi was in, so the player gets one last shot…




Dark Burning Attack – Great concept behind this card, but the effect is pretty generic watered-down Raigeki. I really liked the Ancient Sanctuary cards that gave special abilities to all-time classic monsters (Blue-Eyes, Dark Magician, Jinzo, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Red-Eyes Black Dragon). But the difference was that there was a lot of creativity behind those effects and how they reflect the Monsters they’re based off of (i.e. Dark Magician uses magical abilities, therefore destroys Magic/Trap cards). Because of Blue-Eyes’ status as one of the mightiest Monsters, it got the ability to destroy all Monsters… so what relation does Dark Magician Girl have to that? They could’ve gone a better direction with that effect.

Dark Burning Magic – “If you control monsters whose original names are “Dark Magician” and “Dark Magician Girl”: Destroy all cards your opponent controls.” Wow. Destroy all cards your opponent controls. If you thought Dark Burning Attack was lazy, this one takes the cake. It’s obvious that they’re really trying to make the Dark Magician archetype a viable deck again, but cards like these just go too far. The only upside is that it kinda reminds me of the opening to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, season two where Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl just inexplicably destroy a bunch of Monsters.

Eternal Soul – Really powerful card, but not quite as broken as the last. While it can only summon Dark Magician from the hand or Graveyard, it can do so once per turn. Alternately, you can take a Dark Magic Attack or Thousand Knives from your deck for support – essentially locking down Spell/Trap and Monsters. Though if this card gets destroyed, all your Monsters get destroyed, so you’re not invincible.