Yu-Gi-Oh! Day and Other Products

For those lucky enough to be present at Comic Con or Gen Con, Yu-Gi-Oh! will be celebrating with style. The official fan page reports there’ll be three exclusive game mats coming at you:

The three God Card wielders, complete with the classic artwork. I’m totally bummed I won’t be making it out; these look great. Also, note that Yugi’s artwork originated in Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World. Unless I’m mistaken, Kaiba and Marik’s artwork is new. There’s already strong hints (as I’ve mentioned previously) that Kaiba’s World is in the works… but is Marik also a contender?

Also, some other classic Yu-Gi-Oh! items are in stores this summer. First are the Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Sleeves:



Certainly seems like a fitting name. Without being much more expensive, this set includes 70 as opposed to the usual 50. Nice. Using the same design, we have a new binder:



Available in both 9-pocket, and the smaller 4-pocket versions, these binders sure do impress. Hype around Yu-Gi-Oh! seems to be at a high right now; this summer has certainly been a good one for classic fans.


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