Dragons of Legend

Whoa, this kinda went under the radar, but Dragons of Legend was released yesterday. As hinted at, this one really gave us a lot of Season 4 cards (and other famous anime cards), which in my opinion, is one of the most neglected seasons when it comes to cards. Though that’s probably because they were the hardest to bring into the real life game. Though honestly, they did a good job with it. Even Timaeus is pretty faithful to how Yugi used him. Anyways, here’s the list of original cards that got released:

  • Legendary Knight Timaeus
  • Kuribandit
  • Amulet Dragon
  • Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
  • The Eye of Timaeus
  • Legend of Heart
  • Berserker Soul
  • Relay Soul
  • Guardian Eatos*
  • Guardian Dreadscythe
  • Guarded Treasure
  • Soul Charge

*Guardian Eatos has previously been released.

Alright, some final thoughts on the set… Going down the line, Kuribandit and Berseker Soul have been significantly watered down, which may be due to the fact that it’s easy for a player to fix their deck around these effects with certain cards. It’s ironic because Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  Tag Force 3 actually had a [potentially] stronger effect; the ATK of the picked up card is what damage is inflicted. Kuribandit’s effect also shows that releasing Kuribeh and the rest of the Kuriboh series isn’t going to be an immediate thing (still possible, though). Relay Soul has also been altered into a more plausible form, but still able to be used in a similar fashion to the original. Guarded Treasure is surprisingly accurate, which makes me believe that it’s going to be banned in the near future because of Konami’s jihad against drawing cards. Soul Charge has the cost upped from 500 to 1000 life points per Monster for it’s effect. Honestly, that seems pretty fair. The cards original usage didn’t really depend on the fact that it was 500 points anyways, so long as Rafael lost the duel. Everything else is pretty much on par.

All of the artworks have also been redone, which I guess I can get behind because the original Japanese artworks were so limited in the anime (though the North American dub often had redone artworks that were much more detailed). Most of them are awesome updates, like Legend of Heart and Relay Soul. Kuribandit was given a new pose completely, which doesn’t resemble either of the established artworks. The Eye of Timaeus is actually the biggest change, which went from a full body picture to just his head. I’d prefer just an updated version of the original, since it was used so often in the show, but I can accept the change.

Also, with Legend of Heart’s effect, we’re looking at a release of the Legendary Dragons and their respective Knights in the future. A second volume of Dragons of Legend would be an amazing addition.


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